8 Best Surge Protectors for Home Theatres in 2021

Setting up a functional home theatre requires more work than most people envision. One has to be ready to spend on different associated tech and accessories. Out of all the accessories associated with the home theatre, the surge protector is highly important.

Occasional and unexpected power spikes or fluctuation may destroy your system, sentencing you to hundreds of dollars on repairs. This is where the surge protector comes in-to keep your electronic devices safe from power spikes or fluctuations.

Even though these spikes do not occur most of the time, they are prevalent in some places and during some weather conditions such as heavy storms. A surge protector also does more than just protecting your devices from high voltages, as you get a chance to plug several devices in one socket.

Even though most multi-plug adapters come with built-in surge protectors, you still have to ascertain. In this article, we look at some of the best surge protectors for your home theatre. We have done extensive research and collected several users’ opinions to come up with a list of some of the best options in the market.

Here is a complete review of the products:

1.    CyberPower CPS1215RMS Surge Protector

A quick look at this power surge protector reveals a rugged metal casing which makes it outstanding. Most products in its category are made of plastic, meaning that you will enjoy more durability and value for money.

This product can offer vital power protection for the most complex systems, explaining why it featured first in our list. Apart from your home theatre and household devices, you can use it in data centers, network closets, and even complex phone systems.

Users enjoy several outputs for plugging more devices. These are 12 NEMA 5-15R outlets, with an equal number at the front and the back. For input, it has NEMA 5-15P straight plug supported by a highly functional 15 feet power cord.

It is also worth noting that these outlets are evenly spaced to create room for even bigger power cables. You enjoy 1800 joules of surge protection, which is enough for your home theatre. However, keep in mind that this value is higher in other surge protectors.

It also comes with a 3-year warranty, absolving you from any repair cost in case of a malfunction. Most users love this product because of its unique rack bar design, which makes it highly versatile. It ensures that you can easily plug in your device, and the rest of the setup stays stable all through your usage.

Additional features include network-grade plugs and outlets, a cord retention tray, and a metal housing. Also, note that this product comes devoid of any covering, making it the best home theatre power strip you can find in the market.

This is the best option in case you are looking for a flexible option.


  • It has several power outlets.
  • It is flexible.
  • It is made of metal


  • It lacks other outlet sockets.
  • It only comes with a 3-year warranty.

2.    HOLSEM 12 Outlets Surge Protector Power Strip

Our second product is this amazing surge protector from HOLSEM. It comes with three smart USB charging ports for your phone needs. Just like our first option, this surge protector offers you 12 outlets to connect different devices.

Out of the three USB ports users enjoy, two have Smart IC Technology for improved charging, whereas the other is normal. Unlike our first product, you will enjoy a higher surge protection rating at 400 Joules. You can adequately protect your home theatre system, computer, laser printer, and telephones.

It has a 6-feet heavy-duty power cable for durability and improved functionality. Therefore, it is ideal for both office settings and a professional workstation. The four mounting slots at the back give you the option to have it mounted horizontally on your wall if your device cables are too short.

It offers overload protection thanks to the highly-functional double break overload switch. This is made of a flame-resistant material to overcome temperatures of up to 1380 degrees Celsius. Indeed, this offers you value for your money. This is an extra level of protection that not many strip protectors provide.

You will also enjoy EMF filtration, which, even though you won’t need most of the time, is worth having. It is both ETL listed, and FCC certified with a complete built-in LED light surge protection that protects your expensive home theatre from the littlest voltage fluctuations.

The whole package consists of a power strip, a user guide, a warrant card, lifetime technical support, and a refund guarantee.


  • It is made of flame-retardant material.
  • Users are guaranteed lifetime technical support.
  • It offers value for money.


  • The cable is relatively short and cannot be retracted.

3.    APC Smart Plug Power Strip

This is the best option in case you are looking for a portable power strip. It has a space-conscious design and is, therefore, a favorite option among several users. It offers more value than its price.

A glance reveals five WIFI smart plugs, where three are surge-protected smart outlets and two smart USB charger ports, both 2.4A. These ports can be independently controlled using Alexa or APCHome App, which tells you just how improved this surge protector is.

It offers 2160 Joules of surge protection, which is enough to protect your home theatre and several external devices. It is UL certified and can guard electronics from the most powerful fluctuations, which is all you need in such a product.

This is a smart device and therefore supports Alexa smart plug voice control. You can therefore sit back and make commands, and your smart protector will follow. Alternatively, you can control the smart plug remotely from your phone by downloading the free APCHome app provided that you have a wifi connection.

One of the most useful features users appreciate in this device is the scheduling option. You can automatically power on and off devices connected to the Wi-Fi outlet through the app, available in the Apple app or the google play store.

Like our previous recommendations, the manufacturer was generous enough to include a warranty. The surge protector comes with a 2-year guarantee and a $150,000 connected equipment protection policy. It only weighs 2.1 pounds and saves on space. 


  • It is highly portable.
  • It uses smart technology.
  • It saves space


  • The voice activation can only work with Alexa.
  • Has fewer power outlets.

4.    Panamax M8-AV-PRO Home Theatre Power Management

Panamax is known for some of the best surge protectors in the market. This product is all you need for your home theatre. It has several features giving it the best surge protection functionality, keeping your devices protected from the worst power surges.

It is uniquely designed to reduce cross-contamination between different components. This can be attributed to its features that offer noise isolation between the two different isolated banks. Any noise generated in one bank cannot corrupt the power to the other bank’s plugged equipment.

It also monitors incoming line violate thanks to the able patented AVM circuitry that even disconnects from a sudden excessive spike of voltage. It automatically reconnects when the voltage stabilizes, keeping your devices intact.

This surge protector was mainly built for home theatres as it also improves the overall quality of sound and pictures. This is made possible by its Power Cleaning and Premium filtration, which does away with contaminated power, pushing your home theatre to live up to its potential.

Another significant advantage that has enabled the device to enjoy extensive loyalty is the COAX/ SAT protection feature that protects devices traveling over different lines such as cable, satellite, and antennae.

Users enjoy a total of eight outlets that meets all their power needs. The available 12-volt trigger also allows the source equipment to activate and deactivate equipment connected to the protector. The surge protector also comes with a generous warranty that you will not probably need as it is built to perfection.

Unlike the previous option, it has a cover of up to $5 million, making it one of the best devices on our list. This device does its job and lives up to its price.


  • Covers up to $5million.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It is strategically built for your home theatre.


  • It is costly.

5.    Belkin Pivot Plug

Belkin built this amazing product to protect your home appliances, electronics, and mobile devices. It is mostly used for home theatre and kitchen appliances management, which explains why it is featured in our list.

This product, like our first recommendation, offers users an incredible 12 power sockets for several devices. You can therefore plug in your home theatre alongside your phones, television, or even computers.

Out of the twelve sockets, eight rotate fully, creating more room for relatively bulky power cables. Owing to its design, it is more suitable for people with several devices in their home theatre. However, that does not mean that those falling outside that category are impaired.

It is worth noting that this gem from Belkin was made for devices with an input voltage of 125V. Keep in mind that not all the devices are individually protected unless you pay a given extra sum.

Owing to its price, it would be accurate to say that this product offers good value for money, which people should always strive to get when out shopping. Buyers enjoy reduced EMF interference, giving rise to cleaner energy for better sound and picture quality in televisions and audio devices.

It has a relatively long cable at eight feet, which can also be wall-mounted depending on what you want. Other features include a lifetime warranty and a $300,000 connected equipment warranty. Its design also ensures a space-saving combination in case you have a smaller workstation or space.


  • It is affordable
  • It has several outlets.
  • Has rotating outlets, saving on space.


  • It lacks individual device protection.
  • It lacks dedicated USB slots.

6.    APC H15BLK Rack-mountable Power Conditioner

You can never go wrong with an APC device. This second option from APC should tell you just how good these products are. This power conditioner is for people who need something a little bit different from the standard surge protector.

It offers protection from blackouts, electrical noise interference, blackouts, and potentially harmful power surges. However, given its functionality and design, it costs an arm and a leg, explaining why most people shy away from buying it.

All in all, the features are worth dying for. It is uniquely designed for your home theatre usage, which tells you just how functional it must be. Coupled up with the fact that APC devices mostly deal with home theatre products, this is a surge protector worth spending your dollars on.

Users love the several power outlets that are strategically labeled for a range of devices. This should guide you to achieve the best usage and stay on the right side of things. However, this does not mean that your house will blow up if you do not follow the labels; they are just put in place to make your work easier.

This product has a modem and antenna protection that most surge protectors in its category lack. You can therefore cover all the devices that you use for your home theatre. This is quite overwhelming.

You will also notice a distinct screen that allows users to check and monitor power levels for added protection, beating all the products on our list. You also get to adjust several settings through this screen, giving you total control over your system.

All the twelve power outlets are well-spaced to offer enough room for adequately larger cables. You can cover all your devices thanks to these outlet options.

However, this product comes devoid of a USB port, which may be a huge disadvantage for some. However, you get more than what you bargain for as it also offers power conditioning. Therefore, the extra money you pay to acquire it does not go to waste.


  • It has several power outlets.
  • It offers you total control over your system, thanks to the screen.
  • It has modem and antenna protection, covering all the devices associated with your home theatre.


  • It is way expensive than the average surge protector.
  • It lacks USB ports.

7.    Tripp Lite Isobar Surge Protector

This is the best option if you are looking for a highly functional and aesthetically-pleasing surge protector for your home theater. With a near five rating, this device should be at the top of your considerations.

It can protect all your household devices from power surges regardless of the power rating. It comes with remarkable ten outlets for different devices. Like the previous option, users enjoy coaxial, modem, and ethernet protection for adequate home and theater protection.

These power outlets are also well-arranged to create room for relatively larger cables. They are divided into two completely isolated filter banks to prevent contamination. Therefore, t6he devices connected in one bank cannot interfere with those on the other.

It offers more than one can bargain for, including three-line 22 GHZ gold coaxial protection, one-line phone protection, and high-speed ethernet protection that protects your entire home theater. The high Joule rating (38400 should also convince you of how functional it is.

It comes with an integrated 12 A circuit breaker which disconnects all the connected devices in case of an overload, saving you from losses. Users also enjoy a lifetime warranty on the power surge and half-a-million-dollar insurance covering any connected equipment destroyed by a power surge.

An important feature that we ought to mention is the color-coded labeling and convenient right-angle plug to help you identify the right connection easily. The protector is also supported by an 8-foot power cable that also acts as an extension cable giving you adequate flexibility.

The right-angled plug further makes this better by allowing you to move your furniture along the wall. The bottom panel also has keyhole slots if you are thinking of mounting your surge protector against the wall. This option is therefore highly convenient.


  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It has a high-joule rating for protection.
  • Comes with an inbuilt high-speed ethernet connection.
  • Has color-coded labels.


  • It is relatively expensive.

8.    Soundavo PMX-3300 Power Conditioner and Surge Sequencer

In case you are looking for a mid-ranged and powerful surge protector for your home theatre, this is the best option. It comes with ten protected and dedicated outlets, which should serve all your power needs and devices.

These come in eight rear switched panel outlets and two front unswitched panel outlets with a total 15A rating. It has a circuit breaker that disconnects all the devices in case of a sudden change in power, keeping them intact.

This product supports EMI and RFI filtering, which one needs for the best video and audio experience. This is made possible by multi-stage noise filtering, which reduces frequency interference and electromagnetic interference, thus offering stable power and the best circuit protection to your home theatre.

Users also enjoy the highly functional retractable pullout LED light. This is one strategically located super-bright durable and low-heat LED light with different switch options if one wants to achieve rack illumination.

It is one of the less-frequent power surge protectors with an active sequencer function. It powers up in three delayed outlet groups ranging from zone 1 to zone 3. These zones are normally powered off n reverse sequencing, which is a highly useful feature in enjoying your home theatre. This product, therefore, gives you the type of experience that you need.

Lastly, it has a digital LED meter display that indicates all the details you should be aware of. Located at the front part, it shows zone status, wiring fault, abnormal voltage, incoming AC line, and whether the breaker is open to help you monitor your device fully.


  • It has an LED meter display.
  • It has a sequencing function.
  • It has both EMI and RFI filtering.
  • Has several protected outlets.


  • It costs way more than the average surge protector.

Our Picks

These are some of the best surge protectors that you can get for your home theatre. They have several distinct features that helped them make the cut. We selected them purely on functionality and user feedback.

All of them can support other devices apart from your home theatre, which is quite advantageous. However, it is quite noticeable that even though they all made the cut, some have better features compared to others.

The Winner

Out of all the options, we have come up with three of the best and reasons why we think they are worth every penny. Our first recommendation is the Panamax M8-AV-PRO Home Theatre Power Management  , which was strategically built for home theatres.

If you ignore the price, it is near-perfect. It is highly durable and has a life-time warranty, which you will probably never use. It also covers a tune of $5 million for any damage to your device occasioned by a power surge, making it speak for itself.

2nd Choice

Our second product of choice is the APC Smart Plug Power Strip, which uses highly integrated smart technology, thus revolutionizing your surge protection. The outlets can be controlled by Alexa voice activation, saving you time.

3rd Choice

This product also comes with a long cord and lifetime warranty. Given its price, it is a steal. Our last recommendation is APC H15BLK Rack-mountable Power Conditioner, which offers more than what many users bargain for.

It has its screen, offering you total control over your system. This surge protector also comes with twelve well-spaced power outlets which cover all your outlets. Even though it costs way higher than the average surge protector, it offers value for money.

All in all, all these recommendations will still protect your home theatre from power influxes.

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