7 Ways on How to Connect Phone to Smart TV Without Wi-Fi

If you are thinking of buying a TV or just upgrading the one you already have, you should consider getting a smart TV. This would be a wise choice to make as you will be able to access various apps and get to enjoy features that you wouldn’t get with a standard TV.

In an era where the world is considered a global village due to internet access, it is almost impossible to think of our lives without an internet connection/ Wi-Fi. It would change the dynamics of how we receive information and impact our day-to-day entertainment at home.

Sometimes you may be many people in a household, and everyone wants to watch something different. If you are in a big house and choose to watch TV in your bedroom while the Wi-Fi router is in the living room, you may have issues using your smart TV.

However, if your TV does not come with inbuilt Wi-Fi or happens to lose internet connection due to one reason or another, and you still want to catch a movie or two with your friends, worry not! I will guide you on various ways to connect your phone to your smart TV, even without Wi-Fi. I hope that this article offers you multiple ways to enjoy content on a bigger screen, that is, our smart TV even when you do not have Wi-Fi.

Different Ways on How to Connect Your Phone to Smart TV Without Wi-Fi

Numerous methods allow you to connect your phone to your smart TV without a defined Wi-Fi connection. In this article, we will discuss seven of the most prominent ways. Some of these will even allow you to convert your standard TV into a smart one and enjoy various intelligent features.

These methods aim at helping you have a full media experience on your big Smart TV screen instead of struggling to watch on your phone’s screen. However, before that, you must understand that some of these methods will not allow you to cast copyrighted work from your phone to the smart TV screen and may only serve when watching movies or music videos. Well, they will still come in handy if you want to transfer your work and projects. Let’s take a look at these:

1.    Miracast

This is also referred to as screen mirroring. It is an inbuilt feature for both smartphones and most smart TVs.  This feature allows you to mirror your phone’s screen onto your Smart TV such that your smart TV shows exactly what is on your phone. 

To use this feature, go to your TV settings and turn on the mirror cast feature before doing the same on your phone. You will then search for your TV network and connect it.  Ensure that you the name of your smart TV model is connected to the right network.

It is important to note that watching copyrighted material using mirror cast may be challenging. For example, it may not be useful when streaming from certain sites as you may lack the images or videos, even though the sound will be available most of the time.

2.    Chromecast

You need this device if your smart TV does not come with in-built screen mirroring feature. Some smart TVs come with an inbuilt chrome cast support feature, while in other cases, you may have to buy a chrome cast dongle.

To connect your smart TV to chrome cast, turn off the Wi-Fi setting on the phone. Once the Chromecast is plugged in, download the Google Home App on your phone to connect. While setting up, you will be asked to connect to Wi-Fi, which you will disregard, turn on the phone hotspot and connect the TV to it instead of an external Wi-Fi connection.

Once the connection is successful you will still be able to cast using your phone hotspot even if you uninstall the application. Your smart TV will be doing most of the work, meaning that you can use your phone for other tasks and still get to conserve its battery life.

To use the Chromecast feature, ensure that the app you want to cast supports TV casting. Some of these are Netflix, HBO Now, and Goggle photos. If you are using the chrome cast dongle, you will see the mirror cast option once you connect the device. You can then connect your phone and enjoy your content on a bigger screen, that is, your TV.

If you intend to watch copyrighted content, this would be the best way to connect your phone to your TV because standard screen mirroring tends to block you from joining. The fantastic thing about this option is that it allows you to convert your standard TV into a smart TV. Therefore, do not worry if you don’t own a smart TV yet. You will get to enjoy a lot of intelligent features on your TV once you are connected.

3.    USB-C to HDMI Converter

The HDMI converter comes with a USB-C port, an HDMI port, and another USB-C outlet. To use this method to link your phone to your TV, connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI converter and the other to your TV. You can then connect your phone to the converter using the USB-C port, and proceed to mirror content onto your TV.

This would come in handy if you plan on watching for an extended period, and would require to charge your phone in the process, since it allows your phone to stay charged while mirroring. You can watch for as long as you want without your phone going off.

4.    Micro USB to HDMI Adapter

If your phone model comes with the older version of the Micro USB port, you can use this method to connect it to your smart TV. However, your phone needs to support the MHL protocol for this to work. You will connect your phone to the adapter, attach it to an HDMI cable, and then connect to your TV.

If you plan to binge-watch for long hours, worry not, as this adapter comes with a charging port on the side. This will allow you to stay fully charged while enjoying your movie time.

5.    Developer Option

This is not entirely a proper method connection between your mobile phone and smart TV, but it is a trick that many people do not know about. It allows you to connect your phone to your TV without using a Wi-Fi connection. However, you must first to turn on the developer option on your mobile phone for it to work. This trick mostly works for android devices.

To turn on the developer option, go to the About phone on your phone’s settings and select software information then click on the build number around 7 to 8 times. After that, your developer option will be available.

Enable the developer option and turn on the USB debugging mode. Connect your USB cable to your phone as if you were charging it and the TV from the USB port. You will then be able to cast whatever is showing on your phone’s screen onto the TV screen.

However, always remember that this is not a recommended trick unless you cannot use other options and it is the last resort. Once you turn on the developer mode, you may have issues with after-service from the mobile company. All in all, it may not be the safest method to use to connect your phone to your TV without Wi-Fi but it works.

6.    Miracast dongle

If your android phone does not support Miracast, you can buy a Miracast dongle. It works just like Chromecast. However, there are some noticeable differences between the two.

The Miracast dongle displays what your phone’s screen shows. This means that your phone will be doing a lot of the heavy lifting, which could be detrimental to your phone’s battery life in the long run. This also means that you cannot put your phone to sleep or use it to perform other tasks.

On the bright side, the dongle offers you great flexibility as you do not require any app support to cast. Since it displays exactly what the phone’s screen shows, you can enjoy copyrighted content on your smart TV screen without Wi-Fi and without getting copyright strikes.

It is important to note that some set-top boxes such as Amazon Fire TV Stick come with inbuilt Miracast; hence you will not need to buy a dongle. If your set-top box does not come with the inbuilt version, Microsoft makes dongles that support Miracast, and therefore, you do not have to worry.

To use this option, open the Settings app and select connected devices to open the menu. Click on connection preferences from the various options that you get and tap cast. You will then get a prompt with all options available. Find your TV and click on the device you want to connect to. You may also be required to enter a security code to complete the process fully to connect. You will now be able to cast what is showing on your phone’s screen onto your smart TV.

7.    Using your Laptop as a Bridge

If you have completely run out of options and want to watch content on your smart TV, you can use your laptop as a bridge to connect your phone to your TV without any Wi-Fi connection. For this, connect your laptop to your smart TV through an HDMI cable. Once that is done, connect your phone to your laptop through a USB data cable, select the file you want and use the media player on your laptop to play it.  The content or movie will be displayed on your laptop, which will then be relayed on the television through the HDMI cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use my phone to perform other tasks when casting to my TV?

This will entirely depend on the method you settle on to cast content from your phone to the smart TV.  If you use chrome cast, you will be able to perform other functions. On the other hand, Miracast does not allow you to. Settle on the method that works for you.

2. Can I charge my phone while casting to my smart TV?

Not all casting methods will allow you to charge. You will have to settle on a casting method that leaves your USB port unused for you to be able to charge or charge your phone beforehand.


Watching on a bigger screen such as your smart TV will definitely give you a better experience that you will appreciate instead of watching from your phone’s screen. If you also want to watch something as a family or group of friends, it is almost impossible to view using a mobile phone. If you also have many smart TV screens in your house, casting from the mobile phone will allow everyone to watch the content they want and enjoy.

Some smart TVs don’t come with built-in Wi-Fi. For various reasons, such as the Wi-Fi router placement, Wi-Fi may also not always be a guarantee, but that does not mean that you don’t have to enjoy all the features that come with your smart TV. If you also don’t own a smart TV yet, some of these methods allow you to convert your standard TV into a smart TV. You can, therefore, choose one of the many ways of connecting your phone to your TV that suits you without Wi-Fi and enjoy watching your favorite shows.

However, I emphasize that if the method you settle on will take up your charging port, you need to ensure that you charge your phone beforehand to avoid interruptions.  I also recommend that you choose safe methods to mirror your screen that will not interfere with how your devices perform. I hope this article has been insightful and allows you to enjoy your media experience at home even if you do not have Wi-Fi.

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