5 Ways on How to Extend the Length of HDMI Cables

When all your electronics such as the TV, decoder, and AV are all in the same place, using a short HDMI cable may not be a problem. However, you may need to extend your cable if your setup is collocated. You may also need to extend your HDMI cable in instances where you need to use equipment such as HD home projectors in the outdoor space. If you also find yourself continually sitting on the floor while working because your cable is short, it is time you get an HDMI extension cable.

Whatever the reason, extending your HDMI cable will lower the quality of your signal. It is rare to find cables longer than 25 feet. This is because the longer the cable, the weaker the signal transmitted. 

When it comes to HDMI cables, you can get whatever length you want. However, you should never go for anything over 50 feet. If a temporary need arises that requires a longer HDMI cable, it is allowed to get one because the video and audio quality will not matter much. For instance, if you are hosting friends for a barbeque and movie in your backyard, then getting an HDMI cable longer than 50 feet is acceptable.

If you want to transfer a 4k signal, I recommend using an HDMI cable as short as possible. This is for safety purposes. To get the best signal from the 4k device, you will need to invest in active HDMI cables, thereby ensuring that you get the same signal entering and leaving the cable.

HDMI Balun Kit

An HDMI balun kit allows you to extend your HDMI cable from one corner of your home to the other without spending all your coins or getting a lower quality signal. Balun converts electrical signals that are balanced above ground to signals that are unbalanced. They can also do the opposite, and that is where the name balun is acquired; bal(ance) + un(balance).

You will need a balun on the transmitting end to unbalance the signal and one on the receiving end to balance the signal. Therefore, a balun kit comes with a transmitter and a receiver. To extend, you will need two HDMI cables to connect to both the transmitter and receiver. You will also need to get bundle spools or pre-terminated Cat-5 or Cat-6 networking cables.

If you are looking to save money while connecting over a longer distance, you should settle for the bundle spool. However, you will still need to terminate the ends with RJ-45 connectors by using a crimp tool. Using pre-terminated ethernet networking cables will be much simpler since they come with connectors attached. They may, however, not offer you the length that you require.

Balun kits come in two different forms. If you are looking for something quick to set up and use, then go for the free-standing. The in-wall baluns are for a cleaner and professional look.

Almost all balun kits give you a display resolution of up to 1080p. Not all are 3D compatible, and you should ensure that you settle on one that can process a 3D signal. All balun kits do not offer IR Pass-through support, but you can get the one with an IR repeater.

HDMI Female to Female Coupler

The HDMI female to female coupler is excellent for connecting two HDMI A Male to A Male Cable. It works well also to connect two HDMI cables to make a longer one. Female to Female coupler work great if you want to extend the reach when connecting most electronics such as computers, TVs, Xbox 360, and even Blu-ray players.

It also supports Ethernet and is 3D compatible. You also get to enjoy 4k video quality at 60Hz and offer you Audio Return Channel (ARC). It is important to note that it is only compatible with the latest HDMI standard.

If you want to add a firestick or any other HDMI-based smart TV item to an HDMI cable, you can use the Female-to-Female coupler, especially if you do not want to plug it directly into the back of your TV. This is advantageous if the back of your TV is not easily accessible.

HDMI Extender Over IP Kit

When you buy the HDMI extender over the IP kit, the package comes with an IR TX cable, IR RX cable, two power adapters, transmitter and receiver units, and a users’ guide.  This extender allows you to extend 1080p at 60Hz HDMI audio and video signals through a Cat5e or Cat 6 cable without interfering with the video and audio quality. For better performance and effectiveness, use the CAT6 cable as opposed to the CAT5e.

It also features an IR remote control that enables you to control your source device from a long distance. The extender over IP kit also allows you have 30 receivers on one transmitter, making it a cost-effective solution if you are looking to have a scalable HDMI signal extension.

While using this extender, you may notice a delay of up to 0.5 seconds or less. This is caused by data compression through the router or switch. For this reason, it is not the best extender for real-time applications such as PC gaming. However, it is compatible with personal computers, media payers, Blu-ray players, and many other electronics such as HDTVs and monitors.

GE UltraPro HDMI Extension Adapter

This adapter offers you superior picture and sound quality. Therefore, you do not have to worry about low quality due to distortion. It enables you to join two HDMI cables giving you a total length of up to 65 feet. It comes with gold plated conductors ensuring that it is durable and offers you corrosion-free connections.

It is compatible with all brands of HDMI cables and supports all HDMI-enabled HDTVs. You are assured of a great listening experience since the audio transfer is impeccable. You also get to enjoy a full HD 1080p and 4k ultra-HD picture quality.

There is a female HDMI connector on each side of this adapter, and the grip is firm, ensuring that the cables don’t go loose quickly.

UGREEN HDMI Male to Female Extension Cable

 The UGREEN HDMI cable is excellent if you are looking to extend your HDMI devices for one reason or the other. You will also be able to protect your HDMI interface from spoiling due to continuous plugging and unplugging.

This extension cable is compatible with most HDTV devices, Blu-Ray players, 3D TVs, and gaming devices. You can enjoy high-quality audio and video up to 1080p full HD using backward compatibility.

The UGREEN full-speed cable also supports 3D and HDMI Ethernet channels.  The ethernet channel enables you to get rid of extra unnecessary cables. It also features an ARC that allows you to transmit audio two ways, upstream and downstream. Therefore, you do not need to separate audio cables, thereby getting the excellent audio quality of HDMI.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    Does using an HDMI Extension cable reduce quality?

Using an HDMI cable to extend your cables may not significantly impact the audio and video quality you get. However, you will need to stick to the specified length for this to happen. You can get cables of whatever length, but you should not exceed 50 ft as the speed will begin to decrease when you go beyond. Extending may lower the signal quality transmitted but will have little to no impact on the picture and audio quality. Some extension cables will actually offer you superior quality audio and video.

The HDMI extension cable you use may also affect the quality of sound and images you get. If you use a poor-quality cable, you will get distorted sound being transmitted, fuzzy or blurred pictures, or no pictures being transmitted at all. The resolution may also be low if you use a low-quality extension cable. Therefore, the HDMI extension cable you buy must be of excellent quality.

2.    Is it possible to use two extension cables?

It is possible to connect two HDMI cables. This is common when the cables you get are extremely short. However, I advise that you do not do it to avoid causing trouble. Using one should allow you to stick to the 50 feet limit, thereby not interfering with the transmission speed.

3.    Can I get a very short extension cable?

In some instances, you will find that your cable is short by just a few inches. In such an instance, it would be reasonable to get a short extension cable such as a foot long. You will need to ensure that the cable doesn’t pull a lot, though, so that the wires do not get damaged quickly.

However, I would still recommend that if you intend to get an extension cable, you get a larger one. This will be able to support more devices and would make more sense economical sense as opposed to buying many extension cables whenever a new need arises.

4.    How much will it cost me to buy an extension cable?

You do not need to break a bank to get an HDMI extension cable. The prices are pocket-friendly, and the extension cables usually are cheaper compared to HDMI cables. However, you should keep in mind that the price tag attached to an extension cable would depend on the quality and length.

Ensure that you settle on an HDMI cable of great quality to avoid the expense of frequently replacing it if you get a poor quality one.

5.    Can I increase the durability of my HDMI extension cable?

You may ruin your extension cable with constant plugging and unplugging. This may even cause the cables to be loose as they may interfere with the grip. Therefore, I recommend that you leave your extension connected without taking it off every now and then. This will help control and sustain any damage.


Various reasons may make you extend your HDMI cable. You may get tired of sitting and working from the floor due to a short HDMI cable, or you may want a longer cable to be able to enjoy a summer night watching a movie with friends in the backyard. Whatever the reason may be, you should ensure that you get a good quality extension that still offers you the same quality for video and audio.

The variety and options are endless when it comes to extension cables and may make it difficult to know which one to settle on. The work of an HDMI cable is to facilitate the fast transfer of data. Therefore, you would ensure that the speed of the extension cable you get is excellent.

You should also settle on one that is affordable to you without compromising on the quality. It should be able to last long to serve you well. However, the longevity may also be increased or decreased by you as the user. You should ensure that you do not constantly plug and unplug it to avoid making it lose grip.

It is also critical that the connector to your extension be compatible with most devices you own. It should be able to connect to the cable that you already own. Otherwise, it will be feat the purpose of getting it as you will never be able to connect.

The quality of the extension is crucial, and you should ensure that the HDMI extension cable is authentic.  This is because it will have direct input on the picture and audio quality you get at the end of the day. Settling on an HDMI extension cable of low quality will give you poor sound, which may have distortion. You may also get no pictures being transmitted or get fuzzy and blurred images, low resolution, and poor color quality.

In conclusion, you should strive to ensure that you do not surpass the 50 feet limit even as you extend your HDMI cable. This will help you maintain the excellent signal quality being transmitted, offering you the best experience.

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